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As we move more deeply into hurricane season

As we move more deeply into hurricane season, one predicted to be even worse than anticipated, all we need to do is make it through our first hurricane season unscathed. That's it.

We don't need to win the lottery or anything like that, we just need to not bankrupt ourselves before we even make it from the Keys into the Western Caribbean. Hell, we need to make it down to Florida and through Florida without incidence first.

Fun fact: I've never been to Florida. I've been to most other states in the continuous US but have never had the pleasure. I've read a lot of books about Florida, mostly by Tim Dorsey a great fiction author exposing the absurdity of modernity through genre fiction.

We just need to not get in any weather trouble before we make it back to the Bay Islands of Honduras in the best part of Central America. Seems that a lot of it is up to chance, to a roll of the dice, saying the storm will go this way or that -- destroying this community or that one, or none at all -- depending on nothing but dumb luck.

Maybe we should look into ways of appeasing Neptune or Poseidon or Davy Jones or the Ancient Mariner ... or whatever supernatural deity you want to cede authority to, but we'll probably just make sure we have the best weather data available so that we can make informed, rational, and wise decisions. And if things go sideways, what is the saying, there are no atheists in foxholes?

Anyway, we just want to make it through hurricane season so we can go sailing with our loved ones again.

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