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Safe and Sound in harbor

After some difficulties with bank wire transfers and international currency exchanges, with the final, final payment finally, hopefully going through to the Von Tol family (who are already off in Europe living the next stage of their adventurous life), after many long, tough negotiations about what exactly to do with the boat in Florida until we get down there, we found ourselves contracting with a local recommended Captain named Koen to take the vessel currently named Sea Spice from West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce. For us, the cost of moving the boat north to Fort Pierce will be more than offset by the savings in marina fees and repair costs, which are much less expensive up north in Fort Pierce than in West Palm. We're also supposed to be a bit more sheltered up there from any hurricane season shenanigans but more on that in a later post.

The trip from West Palm Beach took a bit longer than expected, Captain Koen ended up motor sailing most of the way -- but finally we got word that the newest edition to our family was safe and sound, tucked securely into a slip in a marina instead of being anchored out in the bay all alone. It's much more reassuring to know that our baby is nestled safe and sound inside a harbor, tied up nice and securely to the dock.

I have no idea what kind of knot this is called (looks like a Baltimore Knot) but it sure looks secure to me!

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